As a novice, overwhelmed by buzzwords like sustainability, carbon-neutrality, ESG, CSR, Net Zero, regeneration and others, where do you find clarity?
As an expert or sustainability professional seeking casual, non-institutional discussions, where do you connect?
As someone with a non-conventional diet like vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or fruitarian, where do you find a like-minded, non-judgmental community and a marketplace for your needs?
As someone looking to acquire new items through barter rather than purchase, where do you turn?

FEELhub is a specialised digital space for people to connect, share, engage, and collaborate like traditional social platforms, but with a dedicated focus on eco and ethical living. Every feature and activity on FEELhub promotes sustainability and responsible choices. Beyond social interaction, FEELhub offers educational resources, business forums, a swap shop for trading items, and a marketplace for eco-friendly products, fostering a community committed to environmental and ethical values. While it has the familiar feel of regular web applications, FEELhub uniquely centres around positively impacting the planet and society.

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